Everything I know about God, I learned from…

I’ve been thinking a lot about God.  This is a frequent thing for me.  I’d like to write a few posts about what I’ve learned, and how I’ve learned it- the story of the relationship so far, as seen through an imperfect lens.

As for religious background, I was brought up in a Southern Baptist family.  We prayed often, read from the children’s Bible frequently, and went to church sporadically.  I learned the basics of the Christian story, and made a conscious decision to be a Christian at a very young age- a little too young to grasp certain concepts, perhaps, but we’ll get into that.

Of course, I can only speak to my experience.  These things are all very real and present in my life, understood to the best of my limited abilities, and form the foundation for how I think about the world.  I’d love to hear about your experiences, too.  Maybe we can learn something new together.

I’ll link entries in this series below as I complete them:

Everything I know about God, I learned from…being crazy

God and dirty diapers



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